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We are a reputable Search Engine Opitmization, Website Design, Website Development, and E-commerce specialist company who are located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

Salt Lake SEO formed at the begining of 2004 as a search engine optimisation company with the goal of gaining our customers first page positions in the major search engines. Although Salt Lake SEO is only 5 years of age, the company have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind it from some of the most experienced staff in the industry. With this we have gained the trust of many of our clients, some of which being brand household names. Salt Lake City SEO have also gained a huge amount of respect from other search engine optimisation and website design companies alike. As of 2009 we have down sized are staff to 4 people.

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Employing an SEO company to take control of the design, optimisation, running, and maintenance of your website can be a daunting prospect indeed. Salt Lake City SEO will do what we can to ensure that you are put at ease when passing your website over to our professionals to work on your behalf. We have an excellent reputation in our industry for what we do, and many of our clients are happy to vouch for us if needed. We do all the hard work for you. We always keep in regular contact with our customers to ensure that we meet your requirements, and keep you updated on the performances of your website. We help our customers by continuously implementing our ethical search engine optimisation techniques on their websites on a regular basis to keep them infront of their targeted audience.

Be Aware of Who You Employ!

There are many search engine optimisation companies, or individual SEO experts all over the world who claim that they are the next top SEO and they can optimise your website for any key phrase for a small budget. I don’t think so. SEO is a very sensitive technique, and can take many years to be able to get it right (ethically) for long term results. Salt Lake City SEO have this, and are happy to share it to their clients free of charge because we know that what we do works, and brings with it results that you can be proud of!


“Prince of Whales Whale Watching owes a debt of gratitude to Salt Lake SEO for years of professional design and promotion services that have culminated in a recognized world class web site.”

Jackson L., Mongeto

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