If you aren’t ranked in the first position on Google your competition is

The first thing we look for when working with a client is that they have a passion for their business. We WILL NOT WORK with a client that isn’t passionate about what they do! You should not only be passionate about what you do but being the best at what you do. Being the number 1 business in your local area should be a goal and priority. We specialize in Local SEO. It is our passion it is what we eat, sleep, and dream about. We specialize in making your company the best. We excel in working with you to get the number one ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing in super fast time. We both know time is money. Right now for every minute you are not at the number one position on the major search engines you are losing money. In fact, you are not only losing money but you are allowing your competition to take money from you not just on the initial sell but on any repeat business as well as referral business. Let me get to the point. We do not work with everyone. Unlike other SEO companies WE WILL ONLY WORK WITH ONE BUSINESS IN YOUR CITY.
Search Engine Optimization is still the most cost effect way of marketing your business. It beats Pay Per Click and it beats banner ads. The key is to make sure that your Local SEO company is targeting the most cost effective keywords. That is why it takes extensive keyword analysis so you can make sure you have the best game plan right from the start! This is only part of what sets us apart from anyone else. Again we are the best and that is why we only want to work with the best.

Don’t Be Fooled by SEO companies who over promise and under deliver

There are so many SEO companies out there that are just looking to make a quick buck. They only know basic SEO and they never adjust their strategy. If you are speaking with a local SEO company they should be able to tell you exact what they do and exactly how their strategy will work. The industry has gotten a little bit of a black eye because these companies are way over charging for very mediocre service. Ask detailed questions. Find out exactly what they are doing. Exactly what back-links you are going to receive. Don’t be fooled by companies just wanting to blast hundreds or low quality blog comments that will end up getting your company’s website blacklisted by Google! Also don’t be fooled by those companies telling you it is going to take 6 months to a year to get any real results! All they are doing is writing a couple articles and press releases and they will never be able to have your company compete with a company like ours. SEO is constantly changing. Most companies have no clue what they are doing. That is why we are will to put our money where are mouth is. You get 30 day free trial so you can start seeing search engine ranking progress. You will actually see your sites ranking improve. After the 30 days we know you will be so satisfied with our service that you will want to keep us as your local internet marketing partners.
We take pride in working with the best companies in an industry. We have helped many websites get to the top spot even with extremely difficult competition. We always implement backup plans so we can constantly stay 2 steps ahead of the boys from Google. Still not convinced? We will challenge any SEO company to a Local SEO match. We will out rank their SEO efforts guaranteed. Don’t buy into their bogus sales pitch. Ask them to put their money where their mouth is. If they are not willing to than you know they are just all talk.

Why is it important that your SEO company be up to speed with all the latest Google Algorythm updates?

Google is still king and while we do cater to both Bing and Yahoo as well Google is still the search engine that most people use. Google has been releasing updates regularly and there have been plenty of websites that who’s SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) has been hurt. These updates are extremely complex and require a lot of analysis to keep up on. Google always wants to keep it’s special formula secret. They don’t want people who use Blackhat SEO to be able to manipulate their search engine ranking because this would create a worse experience for the user. There has been a lot of talk about Panda and Penguin updates and now there is an entirely new search engine update called the Humming bird. There is speculation on what that means and some novice companies are trying to say that Google is going entirely away from back-links. This is just speculation and using our sample studies of websites this has been found to be inaccurate. Google does rely more on social signals more than ever now but it also relies on trustworthy sites. This is where we come into play. We have establish relationships with High Page authority sites so we have a leg up on other SEO companies. I think this would be a good time to warn you as well that their are a lot of companies claiming to have a special relationship with Google. Some of these companies have even paid Google large sums of money to show their logo but these companies have ABSOLUTELY NO ADVANTAGE when it come to search engine optimization. NO COMPANY can call up Google and get access to their algorithm. The only way to have insight into it is by reviewing and analyzing millions of different searches. This is the only way we are able to do what we do. It is a constant process!


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